• In new construction the design process is initiated through a combination of hand sketching and CAD schematic design. 3-d CAD modelling is often used as a means to both explore and visualize the design and to communicate it to the client. During this phase numerous options may be presented to the client for consideration.
  • In renovation projects the design process is typically initiated after the existing structure has been photographed, measured and documented, with the preparation of a set of as-built drawings.
  • Once conceptual floorplans have been approved by the client, elevation studies may begin. As with the floorplans, we may explore numerous directions to ensure that the best possible fit for both client and site is found. During this phase we can solicit proposals from other professionals such as structural and geotechnical engineers, landscape architects, building envelope specialists and, when required, such consultants as mechanical and electrical engineers, and lighting and acoustical consultants.
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