Tailored living
At Peter Rose Architecture + Interiors Inc., what we do is just as important as why we do it, because a house is more than just a box for living in. We believe a well designed home has the capacity to enrich the lives of those that live, visit, play, grow and learn in them. We create tailored living environments with timeless style that achieve excellence in quality, utility and performance.

Professional design
Our approach to architecture is simple and direct. We strive to design a living environment that is respectful of the past, but forward-looking in application of present design principles. Our work is built on a foundation of distinctive design and appropriate technique for the comfort and enjoyment of our clients.

Unique approach
Careful attention to detail helps take your project to a whole new level. Site, context, neighbourhood, environment, lifestyle needs and zoning considerations may all influence the project along the way. Our team has the experience, understanding and skill to make building or improving your home one of the best decisions you've ever made.

Let us show you the potential for your new home. Call us today at 604-736-7939 or email us at for a consultation.

Latest News: On The Boards

Ultra Modern Gravity House “takes off” in the University Endowment Lands

Located at the University Endowment Lands, the ”Gravity House” utilizes an inverted roof design to playfully express ideas of flight and reaching skyward.

Finding Paradise in First Shaughnessy

Drawn to the historic charm of First Shaughnessy’s well-heeled neighbourhood, our clients wanted to develop a custom home of their own that would blend into the district’s heritage character, yet embody its own distinct identity and personality.

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